Monday, October 29, 2012

Boudicca aka Jessica Life Drawing on Sun Oct 28 at Terry Ludwig's studio

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chief Hosa 9x12 oil plein air
Painting with PAAC this morning. It is good to see so many getting out and enjoying the great weather. The Buffalo were out but I couldn't get myself to paint them. Maybe next time. I went up the road to the Genesee Park area and found this quiet spot with the mountain view.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Plein Air Moab

Plein Air Moab was a gas. A great location with awesome painters. I had a great time sharing beers with new friends and old.
 100N & Main St   11x14 oil  Quick Draw - sold purchase award
 I nearly went deaf when the semi trucks passed by. Ended up having to wear ear plugs.
 Red Cliff Lodge and Winery 9x12 oil Quick Draw - sold purchase award
 The owner selected this painting because he had spent lots of time here in the garage working on the truck on the left.
 Park Avenue 12x16 oil Honorable mention
 I couldn't keep the tourists from stopping and asking for a photo of me and the scene.
 Canyon Color 11x14 oil plein air
 Carl Bork and I found this nice spot in the morning. I think we painted 2 each out of this lovely location on 313 up to Canyon Lands
 Chess Match 16x12 oil  - Carl, Karen and I painted here on the side of the road in the afternoon.
 Its A Butte 11x14 oil - what a terrible name, but just couldn't think of anything else. Probably why it didn't sell, lol
Had a great time painting and dining with Carl Bork, Karen Watkins, drinking Josh Been, Carl Ortman, Jason Prigge, Richard Szkutnik, and many other. Wow, the life of an artist, painting all day, partying until its time to get some sleep. The younger artists stayed up longer into the night. I had to get some sleep.  Paint - eat/drink - sleep - repeat  Gotta love it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sangre Artist Guild Westcliffe

Sangre Artist Guild
Westcliffe, CO
 Clone of Aspens 9x12 oil plein air - First place
 Sunset 11x14 oil plein air honorable mention
 Main St Silo 12x16 oil plein air
Beckwith Ranch 11x14 oil plein air - first time I ever painted horses

The 3 days of painting in Westcliffe CO was so much fun. Had lots of wind, some sun, a bit of rain and a splash of snow. Just what plein air artist lives on. lol Had fun meeting Susan McCullough and Coni Grant, both who are part of PAAC. The juror Stephen Datz had some knock out paintings on display.