Thursday, June 26, 2014

the View repainted

The View 2 9x12 oil repainted
Didn't feel comfortable with the way the The View, was sitting on my easel, so I glazed the mountains, punched up the tree and added some light to the foreground. I will live with it a while and see if it wants to change any more. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crested Butte Excursion 6/9-15/14

High Water 9x12 oil
Spring Aspens 11x14 oil
Coal Tailings 11x14  oil
Confluence Plasa Afternoon 11x14 oil
 Peanut Lake 11x14 oil
Mt Crested Butte 12x16  oil
Lupine Season 12x16 oil
Morning Light 12x16 oil
Dusty Road 20x16 oil
Whetstone Afternoon 16x20
Morning Light Aspens 20x16oil
Mnt Belleview 16x20 oil
Dusty Snow Mnt Belleview 16x20 oil
Confluence Plaza Rain 11x14 oil

Fun Fun fun Painting in Crested Butte...
Big thanks to Shaun and Dawn for allowing me to be apart of an amazing event.
 Crested Butte Invitational 2014