Monday, September 29, 2014

Escalante UT

Sandys Place 11x14 oil
 BldrUT Pass Aspens 9x12 oil
Boulder UT Pass Aspens 11x14 oil
 Far Point View 11x14 pastel
 Summit Aspens UT 12x16 oil
Aspen Glenn 11x14 oil sold
Calf Creek 11x14 oil - this one will be re-painted
Twisted 11x14 oil - The Paint Out at Hells Backbone Bridge
Burr Trail 9x12 oil Gift to my Friend Mark Akins

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Going to Moab, after Escalante and Westcliff

 Moab Vista 16x20 oil
Rough Climb 12x16 oil
Sunset Moab

I am taking these paintings with me to Moab for the pre show. I love arches NP.

Going to Cornflower gallery

Aspen Hills 5x7 oil
Aspen Way 5x7 oil  -yes, I have painted this before,
Aspen Fence 6x8 didn't know what to call this.

Sales at Cornflower Gallery is picking up, especially Aspen paintings. Love this gallery. Matt and Nancy are the best.

playing with language

 4x6 ish gouache
4x6 gouache
4x6 gouache
Just playin'   Just looking at a different language set.
sort of point e listicky. lol

Sunday, September 7, 2014

South Park Plein Air Fairplay

A Slice Of History 11x14 oil sold
Old Ranch Hand 11x14 oil sold
The Fairplay S. Park Plein Air has daily awards and this one got the Best Of the Day Award.
 Bartles Ranch Reflection 12x9 oil sold
Up to The Pass 11x14 oil
 Keep Right Weston Pass 9x12 oil
Water Tower 11x14 oil sold Quick Draw event in FairPlay

The town of Fairplay hosts the South Park Plein Air Event and they are supported with city council which makes this event the most wonderful place to paint. Locations are on private ranches or spectacular vistas and they town offers discounts to artists for lodging and meals. Hospitality with a capitol H. Special thanks go to Tina and Paul Darrah and Russel and all the folks who make this a must return to event. It will be an art center headliner in years to come.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Victor Celebrates the Arts 2014

Bison Lake Camp Gaurdian 20x16 oil - sold
 Ya Big Gorilla 12x16 oil
Braking Dawn 14x11 oil Award Of Merit - sold
Kramer Painting 11x14 oil Brush Rush 
Perfect Couple 12x9 oil -sold

Victor Celebrates the Arts is a wonderful place to paint. I seem to find new
subjects every time I go up there.