Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is the first day of the David Mayer workshop in Evergreen. This is the second time I have taken his workshops. I got so much out of the first one 5 years ago I couldn't wait to go again. This morning was filled with warm weather and sunshine and we painted at Lair O the Bear. Mys first painting is an oil and I wanted to keep it simple to use David's instructions. At lunch he did a demo on small strips of linen that work great for quick instruction over a large topic such as plein air and shapes and color and brush work. I then went to get another panel for the afternoon painting and found that I had left them at home. Bummer. Luckily I did bring my pastels and so a quick sketch was painted in the afternoon. Tomorrow I will bring plenty of panels to work on the next step of Davids 3 day plan. Can there be anything more fun than waking up to paint the beauty that is around us. wow

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