Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh what a beautiful day. The sun is shining the wind is cool the colors are amazing. Here at the East side of Bear Creek Green Belt there is a lot of open space and many painters went to the bridge to paint the stream. I kept finding more and more stuff to paint as I walked along the path that I didn't realize how far I went. When I turned back to see a view I thought maybe I should pick something. Here is a tree that had a sign in it, way up high. It said "Nature Tree, Protect it." Set up like a street sign. How cool is that.


cliff austin said...

Naming a painting is so hard, what should I call this.... tree with a sign, but you cant see the sign... nature tree, kind of corny... East Side of Bear Creek Park, kind of long. :-)

cliff austin said...

The painting "Denver Skyline" has been selected to be exhibited at the Second Monday at the Governor's Residence. It was selected from the Denver Plein Air 2009. There will be aprox 36 pieces auctioned on April 12.