Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prairie Canyon Ranch is just south of Castle Wood Canyon and is a wonderful place to paint. There were cows, horses, ranch buildings, barns and LOTS of wind. The camaraderie with Dennis Rhoades, Terry Ludwig, Mike Ray, Norbert Nagel and many more artists all enjoying the beautiful day is what makes plein air painting so much fun. Oh yea, and painting too. This was hosted by PAAC and unfortunately Leslie Allen couldn't be here because she is visiting family. The next time I will definitely plan on staying longer. Nobody told me they bring beer. oof    :-)

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cliff austin said...

Don't forget to come see my paintings at the PAAC show at SAKS gallery-
Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony
Friday, June 25, 2010, 5-9PM
Saturday, June 26, 2010- Artist Demonstration at the gallery