Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here are 2 paintings completed en plein air in Helper UT. The workshop there was really intense with bright sunshine and long days of immersion in plein air painting with Doug Braithwaite. I just loved it. The other artists were personable and a lot of fun to get along with. Great conversations on and about art which was thick with instruction and inspiration. I highly recommend any one interested in improving their skills to take advantage of this work shop. The 3 major artists who teach there are more than just capable, they are the professionals of there fields. Dave Dornan, simply amazing, Paul Davis has command of drawing and figures, Doug Braithwaite who paints landscapes with such ease it makes other artists jealous. I said I would write a daily blog about this workshop, but the information was so vast I could barely keep notes let alone write a blog, besides I couldn't log on to my network to write about it, which is a good thing because at the end of the day, around 10 or 11 at night (and a few beers) I was totally exhausted. Oh, to be young again and get by on 4 hours of sleep. If circumstances allow I will be back to this little, tiny, railroad town to take more instruction.

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victoriasart said...

Strong work here, Cliff. I like both of these paintings very much.