Friday, August 12, 2011

Time For A Refill
11x14 oil
Here are a couple of painting at Grants Ranch near Glenrock Wy. for the Prairie to Peaks Plein Air in Wy. What a gas. The first week up in Cheyenne was a get to know the area and then the second week I was fortunate to stay with the Butcher family in Glenrock WY. They are the salt of the earth. The nicest people you will ever meet. Ginny and Duane showed the gems of WY which is the people and the ranches that are tucked away from the highway.

Grants Ranch
11x14 oil
There is so much to enjoy in WY that I am already planning to go back. Can't wait and with hosts and guides like Ginny and Duane the time spent there will produce some amazing paintings.


Jon Holdredge said...

Really like all the palette knife work in the first painting! Looks great!

Leslie Allen said...

I love the composition and the "gunchy" sky in "Time for a Refill". Was the whole painting done with a palette knife?