Monday, September 26, 2011

St Elmo Aspens 12x9 oil
Business Award Colorado Mountain Plein Air Festival Salida
What great weather during the CMPAF in Salida/Buena Vista CO. What made it even more fun was that I caught some fish in the Arkansas River. Last year I kicked myself in the rear for not taking my fishing pole. Have two addictions satisfied (painting and fishing) made the trip really worth while.

Fertile Ground 11x14 oil
This painting was created the week before when the stamping of panels was getting started in Salida. The day after was a bust because of the wind and clouds and threat of rain hampered the painting sessions. It was probably my mood that did me in and not the weather.

Smyth Fishing Lease 9x12 oil
Here is the bluff above the Arkansas River where I caught a fish. A little brown went for a Blue dun and made my day.

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